Reversible Plate Compactor MPR 3500

Reversible Plate Compactor MPR 3500

Equipped with a fully hydraulic displacement and vibration system, providing a better performance and comfort to the operator while working.

It has a self-adjustable clutch to protect the engine. Engine with proper power for the weight and impact force. The MPR 3500 has a German design and technology for our needs and market demands.

• Small and medium works;
• Basic sanitation ditches, bridge heads;
• Landscaping sector, in interlocking pavements and retaining walls;
• Asphalt repairs;
• Assist in road construction and structural engineering.

• Height adjustment of traveling handle and a low level of vibration for the operator;
• Belt system fully protected from rocks and dusts;
• Engine totally protected against external blows;
• Easy access and sturdy structure for the accelerator control lever;
• Centrifugal clutch with low maintenance.

Model MPR 3500
Weight 460,76 lb
Base Dimensions W x L 19,7 x 29,5 inch
Fuel Gasoline
Fuel Consumption 1.5 l/h
Tank Capacity 0.95 gal
Water Tank Capacity 3.17 gal
Forward Speed 22 m/min - 72 ft/min
Impact Force 7418.69 lbs
Compaction Depth up to 15,75 inch
Compaction Area up to 900 m2/h 9,000 sqft/h
Engine Honda - 9.0 HP
Frequency 87 Hz